Our Board Of Directors

Begüm Tonba Çaylan

Begüm TONBA ÇAYLAN was born in 1987 in Istanbul. After graduating from the Department of Banking and Insurance at Doğuş University, she started her career in the Finance Department of Corals Automotive in 2011.

She has been promoted to the title of Finance Manager by rising in the department where she works thanks to her achievements and determination in her career goal and still continues this duty.

She is also responsible for all insurance activities of Corals Automotive. She continues the organization's insurance activities actively with the SEGEM certificate. Begüm TONBA ÇAYLAN, who successfully completed Sabancı University Executive Development and Marmara University Human Resources Management Specialization Training programs, is married and has 2 children, is also a Life Coach. Skiing is one of her major hobbies.