Our Board Of Directors

Kemal Oturak

Kemal Oturak was born in 1979 in Kastamonu. He started his business life in 1990 at Corals Automotive and took on duties at various levels of the organization.

Another important aspect of Kemal Oturak's life is his interest in air sports. Kemal Oturak, an International Licensed Aircraft, Paramotor, Paragliding and Rally Pilot, participated in many competitions and achieved successful results. His knowledge and experience in air sports have gained him different perspectives in his sector and had positive reflections on his success in business life as well.

In 2011, Kemal Oturak was appointed as a Member of the Board for Corals Automotive and still continues this duty. Kemal Oturak, who is known for his achievements in air sports as well as his business life, is an exemplary leader and athlete.